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Managed Services
NetCare — Managed IT
Lan One knows that your network and its uptime are important to your business. Our NetCare Managed IT Program carefully considers your network architecture in order to provide you with the full benefit of a smoothly-run network.

At Lan One, we’re an IT partner, not just a provider. We do more than simply provide a service; we offer a strategic partnership to take care of your IT needs. Our efforts in availability monitoring and immediate remediation will reduce downtime and improve system availability.

In order to determine what’s best for you, we first analyze your current situation to devise a plan that best meets your needs.
Considerations we evaluate:
What IT infrastructures are currently in place
What type of applications your business requires
The number of users on your network
What types and methods of integration are needed between your applications
What are you trying to do that you currently cannot
What degree of staff augmentation is needed
Once planning is complete, our expert engineers get to work making sure your solution works as well as on the first day, every day.
Availability monitoring
Service block
Immediate remediation undertaken at agreed upon levels
Monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications
Remotely diagnosing problems before they occur
Immediate resolution of the problem
Reduced mean-time-to-resolution
Save money on costly downtime
Priority call over non-contractual customers
Lower hourly rate on break / fix
Even faster time to resolution due to immediate remedition effort