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Community Activities
Twenty years ago, words like “Internet” and “Wi-Fi” weren’t even in a child’s vocabulary. Today, they are, and Lan One believes that tech-mart kids make IT-savvy students who go farther and learn smarter.

One of Lan One’s top priorities is bridging “the digital divide” — the division of IT technology access that exists between the rich and the poor, minorities and majority communities. Lan One volunteers make a difference in the communities of the Mid-South by donating hundreds of hours every year making IT technology accessible to everyone and helping those in need.

Here is a list of some non-profit organization that Lan One Group supports:
Since its inception, TechAssist, the Nonprofit Technology Assistance Subcommittee led by Tony Okhiria, has begun assessing the current state of technology in the non-profit community. During the fall of 2006, Okhiria’s committee was instrumental in implementing the technology dynamics of one of the largest non-profit mergers of recent times between Hands on Memphis and the Volunteer Center.

TechAssist offers a three-part approach: Assessment, a Technology Blueprint for implementation and access to Resources. TechAssist offers non-profit organizations ways to utilize technology for greater effectiveness. Integrating technology into disaster preparedness planning and measuring the important work organizations do in the community are the cornerstones of the program. Lan One’s efforts assist non-profits with electronic filing of reports required by funding sources and with measuring service outcomes.
In August 2006, the Lan One team donated computers and its services to help set up a computer lab and Internet Connectivity for students at The Memphis Challenge, a non-profit program to ensure successful student / college matches and encourage students to return to Memphis after graduation.

Lan One donation helped The Memphis Challenge continue its mission in support of children and Memphis.
Lan One regularly works with EmergeMemphis, a non-profit organization located in downtown Memphis designed to help entrepreneurs work through many of the struggles associated with starting a small business.

The program is responsible for helping create 50+ new jobs in the downtown Memphis area.

For more information visit: www.emergememphis.com
Lan One supports the community outreach of the legendary STAX Records. STAX was the hub of a neighborhood that produced so much musical talent, it became known as Soulsville, USA. Each year, Lan One provides a complementary set up of their phone system for “Soul-a-Thon,” a telethon fundraiser whose proceeds support the Stax Academy of Music.

“Soulsville ensures that proper recognition is given to the historical impact Memphis has had on music, and the impact Memphis music has had on the world,” says Lan One president Tony Okhiria. “Setting up the Soul-a-Thon’s phone system saves the organization thousands of dollars and enables their volunteers to raise thousands more in support of this unique facility.”

For more information go to: www.soulsvilleusa.com
In July 2001, the Lan One team donated its services to help set up a computer lab with Internet access for disadvantaged children at the downtown Porter Boys & Girls Club of Memphis.

The lab is filled with over 20 computers donated by International Paper Corporation. It was put in place to help The Boys and Girls club reach its goal of teaching children vital workplace skills and to help keep them away from drugs and gangs.

For more information go to:

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