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Software Development / Integration
EMC Documented Consulting and Support
We create  and implement strategies and technologies designed to increase your efficiency, productivity and revenue with our Documentum consulting server.

The EMC Documentum product family helps you manage all types of content across multiple departments within a single repository. With a unified repository, various groups can easily share and reuse their content with other areas of the business that would benefit from access to this valuable information. Our product family also allows your business to share its content safely with outside organizations including partners, vendors, and customers.

With EMC content management software you can streamline the capture, processing, and distribution of your business information including documents, records, e-mails, Web content, images, reports, and digital assets. By using policy-driven automation, EMC content management enables you to create, review, approve, and publish any piece of content in accordance with business rules. You can automate entire business processes, ensure compliance, and make it easier to find information within and outside your organization.

Contact us to learn more about our CRM consulting service if you
qDetailed analysis of business.
Installation/Upgrade Services
Configuration Services
Custom development, custom reports
System integration
Business Process automation with Workflow
Data migration services
Supported Documentum technologies include:

Content Creation
Desktop Client, WebPublisher, Integration to Desktop Tools, ftpIntegrator, DocInput, WebTop

Web and Application Development
Documentum Foundation Class (DFC), Web Development Kit (WDK), Developer Studio

eContent Server, Documentum Administrator, Web Publisher (Site Administrator), AutoRender Pro