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Managed Services
NetCare — Remote Monitoring
How many times have you had to call your IT service provider about a network issue and then wait for a technician to arrive?

The technician had to first determine the problem’s source then determine if the parts needed were available — then you had to determine how to gain back the time and money your business lost in diagnosis, travel and actual repair.

Lan One’s NetCare Remote Monitoring solution can help you avoid a crisis and save you time and money.
Problem Anticipation
Detecting issues before they become a problem with 24x7x365 monitoring
Problem Prevention
After detection, we take the necessary steps to prevent the issue from turning into a crisis.
Problem Suppression
We assuage the severity of an inevitable crisis before it becomes a catastrophe.
For your network…
Can’t afford network downtown? No one can. Avoid network disruption with our dependable, dedicated monitoring solutions:
Automated real-time monitoring around the clock
User-controlled intervals from once a minute to once an hour
Secure, browser-based control panel with user-controlled configurations
Detailed monitoring and alert reports
Diagnostic analysis via email available
Customized notification escalation
For your server…
For your network’s most important asset, we serve up peace of mind with our comprehensive remote server management solutions:
Monitors server performance by watching for issues that can cause poor server performance such as:

  • CPU usage
  • Available disk space
  • RAM and swap space
  • Server load

Keeps your server up and running by:

  • Checking the status of server services running on remote devices
  • Restarting failed service automatically
  • Checking status of TCP / IP services by monitoring ports used by critical services or applications
For your database…
Once your network is in place and running smoothly, you’ll need protection for everything you put into it. Our answer for proactive identification of database problems ensures the server is running and accessible on the following databases:
Microsoft SQL Server
my SQL
Any ODBC compatible database
For your security…
Secure your business-critical data and applications with Lan One’s Security Event Manager. We provide security monitoring, managed intrusion detection and firewall services.
Security Dashboard – central view of all security services across your organization
Antivirus – ensures virus definition files are up to date and receive notification of virus activity
Notification Correlation – tune notification profiles to be alerted if a combination of harmful events occur
Firewall Events – manage security events from leading firewall vendors
Window Security Patch Service – keeps patches up to date and at appropriate level to mitigate risks
Server Monitors – tracks and logs server events for Web and email
Firewall and Anti-Virus Monitor – tracks and logs security software events
Anti-Spyware / Antivirus monitor
Email Security
Firewall Security
Internet Monitoring
Vulnerability Testing
Web Filtering
Other Monitoring Services
Easily accessing your network’s applications and services keeps your office running smoothly. Our port monitoring tracks all port activity on IP addresses to ensure accurate connectivity and address service by:
Determining if the IP address of LAN components are alive
Analyzing LAN traffic to ensure a smooth-running site
When problems occur it helps to be notified. Being in the loop eliminates surprises and may prevent crisis. Be assured of greater security and faster problem resolution with alerts and notification of:
Low-level events (security breeches, system and application errors, etc.)
Windows event logs
Sys logs
Events that may impact network stablilty
“My network crashed and it cost $2000 to have it fixed. I later learned that the server had been screaming for help…but no one was listening! The engineer said that Remote Network Monitoring would have prevented the crisis.”
— New Lan One Client
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