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NetCare — Remote Monitoring
Business data is your company’s most valuable asset. Protect it with our Remote Data Backup Solution.

“Why do I need to protect my data? What’s the big deal if data is lost?”
All of your computer equipment can be replaced. Unfortunately, business data can not. In fact, most businesses that lose access to their data centers for more than 10 days go out of business permanently within 6 months. What’s more, most insurance companies strictly limit the amount of coverage for computer data, files and records.

“We already back up our files. Do we need remote data back up, too?”
Absolutely. Tape backups can fail, be stolen or destroyed if something happens to your offices. Remote Backup ensures that your critical data is available and protected regardless of incidents at your office site.

“How does it work?”
Lan One’s NetCare Remote Backup solutions use an intelligent file selection process, state-of-the-art encryption and compression technologies along with your Internet connection. We store a copy of your data files offsite which provides your business with secure, reliable remote-access data backup.

Real-time replication assures business continuity in a crisis. Changed files are backed up automatically, per your schedule, to ensure that a current copy of virtually any data file can be restored. Best of all, no one except you can ever view or use your data.
Are you at risk?
Don’t wait until it’s too late; take this quick assessment to see:
Are your servers / workstations up to date with Microsoft security patches?
Is your network sluggish?
Do you know if intruders are connecting or attempting to connect to your network and stealing information?
Do you have the latest virus definition updates?
How much will it cost you if a hacker steals a customer’s credit information and it’s traced back to you?
If you don’t know or answered yes, call Lan One now before these issues take your network down.

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