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Information Technology Solutions
Wireless Networks — WLAN and WWAN Integration
Want to avoid the cost of complex cable wiring? Does your business need to be in two places at one time? Cut the cable and go wireless.

Let Lan One integrate a WLAN and / or WWAN for your office and experience the freedom of mobility.

Wireless LANs and Wireless WANs offer your office mobility and flexibility within the work environment. Plus, WWAN will give you increased security about your connectivity with a redundant connection. If your LAN connection is lost, a Wireless WAN failover solution will keep your office running without interruption.
Lower overall installation expenses
Avoid frustrating cable installation
Fully scalable and adaptable
Add new users instantly
Access shared information instantly from anywhere within a company
Access to real-time information
Reliable and secure
Our engineers analyze your networking needs, perform on-site surveys, design the solution, construct any required civil structures and install the wireless network. We provide reliable, high-speed wireless data and VoIP connectivity and offer mobility and flexibility within the work environment.

Allow your business to break through the technical barriers of reliability, speed, security and device compatibility. Call Lan One now for wireless integration.

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